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This project provides quality education to the poor girls, as education is a basic human right, vital for personal and social development.

To think of living with almost no control and freedom over one’s own life are quite a suffocating state of affairs. Women in India have to endure many ordeals in their day-to-day lives. For centuries women of all generations have had to struggle to be treated as equals. At present, thousands of women in India are marginalized and poorly treated within society resulting in a lack of the skills and confidence needed to live fulfilled and active lives. That we stepped in to create an impact by changing the lives of women from these backgrounds, by creating the set goals and training session to make them self-sustainable in life.

With girls expected to help with household work and take care of younger siblings, the rural gender gap in female and male equality becomes more pronounced as girls underperform in school. Providing holistic and quality education to the girls of India can make them capable of being skilled workers and employees when they grow up. They can tap the potential of education as a powerful asset to uplift themselves, their families, and even the community around them.

  • Educated girls become mature, informed, and empowered women
  • Educated girls contribute to their communities
  • Education permeates the entire family/generation
  • Save the Children’s initiatives for girl child education

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